Sales Associate

Full Time
  • dubai
  • Post Date: February 13, 2017
Job Description
Role Purpose

Greet customers, o􀄫er assistance and serve them in order to ensure their needs are answered in a

􀆟mely manner and in compliance with quality and customer service standards

Assist customers in their purchase decisions by helping them select relevant and appropriate products,

o􀄫ering proper advice and sugges􀆟ng gi􀅌 vouchers when applicable

Arrange and replenish on a con􀆟nuous basis the shop shelves and ensure that the shop 􀅇oor and

shelves are kept clean and 􀆟dy at all 􀆟mes

Watch for and prevent security risks and the􀅌s and escalate occurring incidents to the hierarchy in a

􀆟mely manner in order to avert loss

Perform physical and electronic inventory of shop products on a regular basis as per Company

guidelines in order to ensure accurate stock keeping

Speci􀄮c for Fashion: Arrange and display received merchandise under the direc􀆟on of the

Merchandiser/Shop Manager; change tag prices of products during promo􀆟on periods or as needed

Speci􀄮c for Fashion: Take measurements for any needed altera􀆟on, assign price according to set price

list, 􀄮ll the altera􀆟on book, and no􀆟fy tailor of the amendments

Speci􀄮c for Mul􀆟media: Up-sell and cross-sell products and services in order to reach hourly and daily

sales targets

Speci􀄮c for Mul􀆟media: Inform Department Manager of unavailable and nonperforming products

Speci􀄮c for Mul􀆟media: Merchandize products under the appropriate sec􀆟ons according to sales

trends, date of release, and as per the Department Manager recommenda􀆟ons

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