Contract administration duties

Full Time
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  • Post Date: February 10, 2017
Job Description
2.1 Prepare the summary matrix of contract clauses.

2.2 Prepare the contract templates based on the contract.

2.3 In conjunction with Projects Manager review contractual obligations and contract templates.

2.4 In conjunction with Projects Manager prepare and forward relevant notices within nominated timeframes.

2.5 Maintain and update NOD and EOT register

2.6 Notify client formally where issues/ special circumstances or breaches of contract have taken place.

2.7 Liaise with Finance Manager to ensure all relevant insurances are current and legal, i.e. workers compensation.

2.8 Prepare contracts, for suppliers and subcontractors, highlighting relevant issues specific to the job.

2.9 Notify clients formally if issues or special circumstances and or where breaches of contract take place.

2.10 Update and maintain contract register highlighting payment conditions.

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