Linux Server/Mail server Administrator

Full Time
  • dubai
  • Post Date: January 17, 2017
Job Description
1-2 years


Operating Systems: Good understanding of Redhat based linux flavours & Windows 2003/2008 systems.

Linux Skills: Any Shell/Bash, sed/awk/grep/egrep, VI/VIM, netstat, lsof, strace, ps/top/atop/dstat, grub boot config & systems rescue, fstab/disk labels, ext3/ext4, tcpdump/wireshark, IPtables, sysstat (sar/vmstat/iostat etc), run-levels & startup scripts, sudo/chkrootkit/rkhunter.

Windows Skills: Basic Windows Systems administration, Basic Powershell/Batch/VBScript, Sysinternals tools, Performance monitor, Event logs, Various MMC’s, Terminal services, VNC etc .

Fundamentals: Excellent DNS & Networking Fundamentals, TCP/UDP, IP Routing.

Application Protocols: Excellent understanding of SMTP,HTTP,FTP,IMAP,POP.

Control Panels: Cpanel/WHM, Plesk.

Applications: Exim, Apache (mod_php, mod_fcgid, CGI, php-fpm etc), IIS (DotNet, PHP, ASP etc).

Databases: Basic understanding of – SQL/RDBMS. Basics of MySQL, Postgres, MS-SQL.

Soft skills: Strong customer support focus and decent english communication skills.

Others: Regular expressions, Excellent troubleshooting skills.

Good to have: Certifications: RHCE, MCSE, CCNA.

BSc IT or B.E. Electronics & Telecommunications

Job Description

Support for the Hosting panel (CPanel)

Pro-actively monitor product/services/site performance, uptime, availability and analyze logs / metrics and recommend/contribute to fixes.

Fix recurrent issues in a timely manner.

Documentation of troubleshooting steps to resolve various issues.